Monster Mine preserved for posterity

Article image - Monster Mine preserved for posterity Rowan Ramsey MP, Regional Council of Goyder CEO David J. Stevenson, with Council staff at Monster Mine site.

Regional Council of Goyder, South Australia, has had a grant funding success with the promise of $295,000 from the Federal Government’s $33.5 million program for heritage upgrades nationwide.

The fund is for conservation work and infrastructure upgrades across 23 national and world heritage sites, preserving and enhancing them while creating jobs and lasting benefits for the tourism industry.

The Town of Burra, an historic Australian Cornish mining site, is rich with mining heritage and most of its 1840 legacy is still intact.

The Burra Monster Mine Site, was included in the sites listed on the National Heritage List in 2017 and a conservation management plan developed to assist Council to identify, protect, conserve and present the heritage listed buildings/areas in the township for generations to come.

The new funding will allow Council to preserve the integrity and fabric of the remaining structure of the Mine office and residences constructed in 1849 which comprised of the Director’s boardroom, Captain’s changing and consulting rooms, Accountant’s office and drafting office.

Captain Henry Roach resided at one end and was Chief Captain of the mine from 1848 to 1867. Up to 1000 miners would gather at this building once every two months to collect their pay.

The project will also include the development of an augmented reality experience that will see the building bought back to life as an experiential heritage opportunity for visitors. A first for the region!