Making sustainable rural roads*

Attention road-makers; now is the time to adopt new ways.

With $200 million available in Federal Government infrastructure grants, regional and remote councils have never had a better chance to apply the motto ‘build back better’ to their road network.

Now is the time to end reliance on traditional road making methods and adopt new and improved ways. 

Towns and cities are rethinking road building, which has resulted in numerous trials of recycled plastics, glass and rubber tyres replacing tradition bitumen. And the results are better – lower maintenance costs, less traffic noise and longer lasting assets.

Rural roads need to be re-thought too.

The expensive and environmentally destructive practice of quarrying new materials and transporting them for miles causing further degradation to already deteriorating roads is a serious waste of grant money and councils’ rates when cheaper and better methods exist.

PolyCom is an exciting alternative to traditional road construction material. 

By recycling and reusing existing, insitu materials, and blending with PolyCom Stabilising Aid, the need to use new material is eliminated.

Previously unworkable material can be treated on site.

Quarries become redundant. Heavy, road destroying, haulage trucks are no longer needed. 

Wasting grant money on needlessly expensive methods ‘because that’s how we’ve always done it’ is no longer justifiable to ratepayers.

The future is here and now with environment and OH&S compliant PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

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*Copy supplied by Earthco