Building a way to economic recovery

Article image - Building a way to economic recovery City of Armadale is building its way out of the economic recession.

City of Armadale, Western Australia, continues to play a critical role in stimulating local economic development through its proactive infrastructure program. 

The program will deliver new community facilities and public infrastructure in high growth areas and provide or redevelop ageing facilities in its older areas.

The City recently committed to delivering several facilities focused on fast tracking the construction of infrastructure to create immediate jobs. 

Key community facility projects underway include:

  • Heritage restoration of the Roleystone Theatre, $4 million. Built in 1922, the theatre has been used as performance space by the Roleystone Theatre Group since 1933. Works include refurbishment of the original hall as well as a new Fly Tower, entry foyer, ancillary buildings, storage and landscaping. 
  • Construction of a new pavilion at Creyk Park, $3 million. Demolition of the existing facility will enable a much needed sports and community pavilion to be constructed, addressing the issue of aging facilities as well as providing new contemporary spaces. The multipurpose pavilion will support senior sporting activities and various community activities.
  • A new Fire Station in Bedfordale, $1.7 million. The new site offers easier access and egress for emergency vehicles and allows a fit for purpose contemporary facility to be erected, more commensurate with the significant risk that bushfires pose in the area.

The City will invest $15.1 million in capital works this financial year, aimed at stimulating the local economy and providing the community with much needed facilities.