Before we forget, Drought*

Article image - Before we forget, Drought* Farmer collecting water every day to save his breeding stock

Decades ago the Colyer family, the founders of Abberfield Industries, established a weekend vineyard, with water security ensured by three dams, a bore and a permanent creek. 

The farm survived numerous droughts, until the last one and then they ‘walked off the farm’.

Abberfield Industries supply self-serve, credit card or account card operated Water Filling Stations to rural communities and have staff who travel to support customers ‘anywhere, anytime’.

During the drought, they frequently met farmers who had also ‘walked’, with emotional and financial costs beyond calculation.

Only rain cures drought, but being able to purchase water from publicly accessed outlets in some cases is lifesaving. 

Usually potable water is dispensed, but as the recent drought continued raw surface or bore water became agricultural or even household water.

The drought may have gone, for many if not all, but the memory has not gone and those affected will live in fear of the next drought. 

Now is the time to invest in water security, and with economic stimulus funds available, how water will be distributed is an essential part of that.

The founder of Abberfield once said, “You can buy petrol anywhere around Australia, but you can’t buy water!”

Now, thanks to the extended Colyer family’s commitment and passion for innovation – you can!

*Copy supplied by Abberfield