Ticket to RYDE for local youth

Disadvantaged young people stand to benefit most from a program to be rolled out by the City of Joondalup, located in Perth’s northern suburbs, which is designed to assist young people towards getting their driver’s licence. 

The Regional Youth Driver Education (RYDE) program offers a pathway for financially and socially disadvantaged learner drivers to undertake 50 hours of supervised driving experience, under the guidance of trained volunteer

Research shows that young people benefit greatly from having a licence in terms of independence to travel, study, work and for social activities. 

Joondalup Mayor, Albert Jacob, said, “Not being able to get a driver’s licence can affect a young person’s job prospects, training, education and independence.”

The City listed $22,500 in its 2020-2021 capital works program towards implementing the program, including $7500 provided under a Federal Stronger Communities grant. 

The program’s set-up costs include the purchase of an automatic car, fitting out the car with extra driver pedals for the volunteer mentors, registration and insurance. 

RYDE offers an online booking platform and affordable fee of $15 for a 90-minute driving session. 

It is anticipated that the RYDE program will have minimal ongoing costs.