Retraining helps build strong teams and versatility

Article image - Retraining helps build strong teams and versatility Shire employees are trained in transport security expanding career opportunities.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shire of Exmouth, Western Australia, redeployed staff to other roles rather than taking the option to stand down employees. 

This redeployment realised positive outcomes for employee satisfaction as well as enabling a program of cross-training opportunities that would protect the organisation from future business interruptions and make it more resilient and sustainable.

The Shire is significantly reliant on the tourism industry and the aviation business unit, which is responsible for generating 38 percent of total revenue via its heliport and regular passenger transport operations.

Staffing the aviation operations are expensive due to the regulated environment, and the Shire has no control over global and local demand factors such as oil prices and pandemics which severely affect flight schedules and passenger numbers.

The Executive Management team offered ten training places to existing Shire employees to undertake the Cert II Transport Security course. 

This qualification provides individuals with general and specialists skills to operate effectively in a broad range of transport security screen roles, including domestic and international airport screening, maritime screening and air cargo examination. 

This training expanded the employees’ career opportunities and allows the organisation to roster these employees to cover aviation schedules which remain fluid because of the Covid-19 impacts.

Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Woods, said, “We’re hoping to retain our skilled employees by being able to offer permanent employment and meaningful and diverse roles whilst ensuring cost-effective business continuity through the ability to roster staff to meet changing aviation business needs.”