Mentoring program empowers Council staff

Article image - Mentoring program empowers Council staff Councillors Kelly Vea Vea, Jane Pickles, Viv Coleman and Sandy Moffat with Councilís mentors and mentees.

Preparing employees for the next steps in their careers has been at the forefront of a new mentoring program at Isaac Regional Council, Queensland.

Acting Mayor, Councillor Kelly Vea Vea applauded the achievements of the pilot program structured to harness staff connection, knowledge sharing and skill building for future goals and milestones.

Six mentors teamed up with six mentees from all walks of life took part in the 12 month program with ongoing direction and support from Council’s People and Performance department.

Cr Vea Vea said the mentoring program was designed to increase employees’ skills and pathways, develop emerging leaders, support succession planning and increase engagement with employees.

“It is easy for us to recognise the value of the resources in Isaac, but it is often harder to recognise the pure people power that is behind every idea, every action and every achievement.

“Our organisation is made richer by its people. They’ve taken the opportunities to live, work and invest in our region which is helping to energise the world.”

Cr Vea Vea said the pilot program would now become part of the social and professional fabric at Council to help energise emerging leaders and retain them in the region.

“I’d like to thank our staff and everyone in all our workplaces across the Isaac region for the effort you put in every day to make our communities great places to live, work and play.”

Council offers a range of career and employment opportunities for school leavers, professionals and tradespeople at family friendly locations throughout the region.