Inspiring confidence for a safe return to work

Article image - Inspiring confidence for a safe return to work Adelaide Hills Councilís COVID-19 safe plan, available as a handbook and online video, are helping staff stay safe and feel confident on their return to work.

Adelaide Hills Council, South Australia, acted quickly when COVID-19 restrictions were enforced, assisting those staff able to work from home to set up a safe workspace, maintain productivity, and continue supporting their community.

When planning for staff to return to the office environment Council saw an opportunity to ease minds about health precautions and clarify their expectations on keeping staff safe.

To help achieve this, Council’s COVID-19 response team produced a roadmap on the stages of return to work and an internal COVID-19 Safe Handbook, which outlined safety measures at work stations, in meetings, and in vehicles. 

They also created a short video to complement this resource and provide a friendly, visual summary of those safety measures. 

Staff from around the organisation, including directors and the chief executive officer, were happy to feature in the video, resulting in a resource that was educational and relatable.

Importantly the video was incorporated into Adelaide Hills Council’s Safety Management System, SkyTrust, as part of an online training module for all employees to verify their understanding of expectations, and build confidence in the organisation when returning to work. This video is also available to view online.