Deck units installed

Article image - Deck units installed The multi-million dollar replacement of Orealla Crescent Bridge will improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The multi-million dollar replacement of Orealla Crescent Bridge, jointly funded Noosa Council, Queensland, and the Federal Government has reached the halfway mark. 

In a unique, custom-designed build, which aims to minimise noise vibration and associated impacts during the construction process, nine concrete deck units have been installed at the Sunrise Beach project site.

Each concrete deck unit weighs 13.5 tonnes and was prefabricated offsite at Beaudesert and transported to the construction zone by semi-trailer.

SGQ Civil Operations Manager, Paul Biggs, said, “We needed about an hour for each deck unit to be installed to ensure they were properly in place and secure.

“Once the beams are in position and secure, we put in stainless steel bolts which are grouted into position with high strength grout.”