Commission trains age-friendly workplaces

The Australian Human Rights Commission is offering a free online training package for employers and employees in New South Wales (NSW).

Upholding the rights of older workers, which was developed with support from the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, aims to help businesses and the public service, including local government, tap into the potential of multigenerational age-friendly workplaces.

It is estimated by Deloitte Access Economics that if the workforce participation rate of older workers increased by just three percent, the annual benefit to Australian gross domestic product would be as much as $33 billion.

Age Discrimination Commissioner, the Hon Dr Kay Patterson AO, said, “Too many people are shut out of work because of underlying assumptions about their age. The cost and impact of this workplace discrimination is too high, for both individuals and our economy.

“This new online training package, which is completely free for employers and employees in NSW, aims to change ageist attitudes and assist organisations to realise the benefits of older workers.

“Older workers add value – and now is a very good time to realise that value in your workplace.” 

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s 2015 National Prevalence Survey of Age Discrimination in the Workplace reported more than a quarter (27%) of people aged 50 and over had experienced age discrimination at work.

A survey the Commission undertook with the Australian Human Resources Institute in 2018 found that one in three organisations are reluctant to recruit people over 50.

Through the new training offered by the Commission, participants gain a deeper awareness of the nature of age discrimination in employment and learn practical ways of working with older workers to foster engagement and retention. 

Upholding the rights of older workers is currently available free of charge to private sector employers and employees in NSW, NSW public service employees, and local and federal government employees located in NSW.