Businesses buckle down and save water

Article image - Businesses buckle down and save water Drought conditions persist in many rural communities across the country.

Over the last 12 months, businesses in Queensland’s Southern Downs Regional Council area, identified as ‘High Water Users’ have reduced water consumption to collectively save a staggering 76 megalitres. 

Extreme level water restrictions of 120 litres per person per day currently apply across the region, and water continues to be carted from Connoly Dam to Stanthorpe.

This significant saving, based on June 2020 monthly water usage, could supply water to the local town of Allora for 15 months or the nearby village of Yangan for three years. 

Councillor, Stephen Tancred applauded the region’s businesses and their staff for adopting water saving practices and incorporating initiatives to optimise
water consumption. 

“Practical applications generate real results. The combined average daily water consumption by the high water usage businesses has reduced by 15 percent per day in a one year period – a commendable water saving considering no business was deliberately wasting water in the previous 12 months.

“Having a Water Efficiency Management Plan really does make a difference to a business’s bottom line water consumption. 

“Businesses using more than 10 megalitres per annum are required to have such a plan and we currently have 11 in place across the region. 

“Council encourages all businesses and their staff to integrate waterwise practices into their daily operations to conserve water.” 

The development and implementation of Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs) for large water users will result in long-term water savings across the region. These plans will remain in place until 2024. 

Water consumption across the Southern Downs continues to be monitored. Water restrictions will continue to apply whilst water is carted from Connolly Dam to Stanthorpe.