Alliance strategy endorsed for next five years

Article image - Alliance strategy endorsed for next five years Shire Presidents Mike Walmsley and David Bolt with shared CEO Dean Unsworth collaborate for future success.

The Shires of Murray and Waroona, Western Australia, have endorsed a blueprint for achieving a more coordinated approach to developing economic initiatives and improved service delivery for their communities. 

The Murray-Waroona Resource Sharing Alliance Strategy 2020-2025 was adopted by both councils last month.

According to Murray Shire President, Councillor David Bolt, the five-year plan is an innovative approach in the midst of changing economies and increasing community expectations of services, to ensure both local governments remain strong, resilient and adaptable into the future. 

“The transparent and cooperative arrangement allows the Shires of Murray and Waroona to maintain their individual identities while facilitating collaboration on sub-regional projects and creating new funding partnerships.”  

Waroona Shire President, Councillor Mike Walmsley said the relationship between the two local governments is based on good will and good intentions for residents and ratepayers, to demonstrate how better outcomes can be achieved from available resources. 

“Both Shires continue to witness benefits of increased economies of scale and scope, which led to the development of this five-year plan. 

“Economic, social and environmental benefits will be maximised through its implementation and development - collaboration for mutual prosperity.”

Arrangements have been in place for Information Technology, Environmental Health and Ranger Services for some years and in 2019 were expanded through the employment of a shared Chief Executive Officer.

Over the next year, the Shires will focus on developing a Murray-Waroona Sport and Recreation Strategy, expanding joint economic partnership opportunities including tourism, securing water to supply industry and agricultural development.