The Canopy sets a new standard

Article image - The Canopy sets a new standard The Reflections entrance canopy is designed to be an iconic and flowing gateway which serves as an obvious entry and meeting point.

In an Australian first, Lane Cove Council, New South Wales, has integrated a bespoke solar arbour featuring innovative printed solar cells into the design of a local business district redevelopment project known as The Canopy.

The printed solar cells were developed by the University of Newcastle and Lane Cove is the only public place in Australia where the cells can be seen in action.

The low-cost, light weight, flexibility and durability of the material are inspiring a range of possible applications including disaster relief and recovery applications; retractable recharging systems for electric vehicles; floating covers for dams and pools; yacht sails; smart blinds for residential and high rise buildings; greenhouse covers and more.

The Canopy is home to many new sustainability features. 

A living, breathing green wall of plant species scientifically developed to improve air quality by accelerating the removal of air pollutants, also acts as a sound barrier, improves acoustics and cools the immediate surrounding air temperature.

Helping to provide around 300kw of power to The Canopy, 230 solar panels help power the car park and park lighting each day.

LED lights are installed throughout the car park and public areas of the park. 

The Canopy features 90,000 litres of water harvesting capacity. 

Rain water from the water feature and the roof is captured and reused for landscape irrigation. 

The fountain consumes less energy, requires no chlorination and uses less water than a traditional recirculating fountain by avoiding water loss through evaporation and wind.

The Canopy playground is not your average neighbourhood playground. 

The equipment selected was intended to be ‘different’, incorporating height, water, sand, and timber unlike any other park in Lane Cove. 

Council is proud The Canopy is also home to a range of features to promote an inclusive community. 

Of note is Lane Cove’s first Changing Place toilet, the only one available in a public space on the North Shore. 

In addition, there are bicycle end of trip facilities and racks, along with accessible toilets at each end of the park level. 

The amenities closest to the children’s playground also feature a Parents Room complete with nursing chairs and baby change facilities.

All connections to and pathways throughout The Canopy are at accessible grades.