Drought Support Officer funded for Lockyer Valley

Article image - Drought Support Officer funded for Lockyer Valley Local Drought Support Officer, Marc Leman at Laidley Saleyard.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Queensland, has increased its support services for those affected by drought through the appointment of a Local Drought Support Officer.

Funded by the Australian Government, Council’s Local Drought Support Officer (LDSO) will coordinate drought support from various services, agencies and programs to drought-affected farmers, farm workers, agribusiness owners and their families.

Mayor, Tanya Milligan said Council could now offer greater support for accessing a wider-range of services and programs including mental health support.

“Our LDSO will work closely with various drought-support agencies to assist in further local promotion of appropriate programs for those affected.

“This role is focused on increasing awareness of the diverse range of support options and drought management programs which are available to back those suffering from the effects of drought in our community.

“The LDSO will also continue to progress the actions outlined in our Livestock Farming Drought Support Action Plan which was developed from the ideas raised at the drought-support forum in September 2019.”

Council’s Local Drought Support Officer will offer assistance within the Lockyer Valley until 31 December 2020.

This project received funding through the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Programme Extension.