Councillor profiles - David Goode Mayor City of Gosnells

Article image - Councillor profiles - David Goode Mayor City of Gosnells

City of Gosnells is one of Perth’s largest metropolitan local governments by population. The City has a long and rich farming history, proud Indigenous community, diverse cultural community and, as an outer metropolitan growth council in the south-east foothills of Perth, it also has significant development. It’s a very dynamic area and it’s been my home for years.

I have many favourite picturesque locations because of the City’s two rivers and position on the Darling Scarp but it is the City’s annual events, particularly the Fusion Food and Culture Festival, which I love the most. This free celebration of food and culture, with more than 50 food trucks, cultural performances, live music, carnival rides and youth activities, is very well received by our community, attracting more than 15,000 people. A fireworks finale ends the evening and it’s just great to see people of all backgrounds enjoying this special night.

A ‘can do’ attitude
I have served on Council for the past seven years but my interest in ‘good governance’ first began as a teenager when I saw how people’s lives and conditions could be affected by decisions of government. I’ve always had a ‘can do’ attitude. I like to get the job done and not just think that someone else will do it.

I have worked locally as a finance broker for the past 15 years and within the banking sector for more than 25 years prior to that. That background has given me a great insight into this community’s needs and what can be done to enhance opportunities for employment, investment and business growth. It has helped me see how working in collaboration with all levels of government, as well as the private and not-for-profit sectors, can really generate change and allow new ideas to flourish. Having served as a Justice of the Peace for the past 21 years, crime prevention and reduction are a key focus for me, and this experience has allowed me to contribute effectively to the City’s community safety initiatives.

For recreation I read extensively, play golf, spend time with my family and enjoy watching movies and sports, such as Australian rules football, cricket and tennis.

Urban regeneration plan
Funding has always been a challenge for this local government, as the City’s rate base is mainly residential. Significant work goes towards building partnerships and attracting external or grant funding for many community programs and events and infrastructure projects. There is a real drive to be innovative and find new ways to meet our community’s needs.

Council has recently acquired a number of contiguous properties in the Gosnells town centre, either by private treaty or compulsory acquisition, which will provide the site for significant urban regeneration.

I, along with my fellow councillors, have campaigned extensively for the redevelopment of the Thornlie Community and Sports Hub, working closely with local sports clubs and State and Federal representatives to secure funding for the important community facility. I’m so proud that construction is almost underway. 

Community spirit and pride
The people of this area have a great sense of community spirit and pride and I enjoy talking to residents, business people and volunteers about their ideas and then being able to take their ideas to the next step.

Because I’m very results driven, the worst part of working in local government is ‘being patient’. Getting to the end of the decision-making and delivery process can take time, sometimes months or years, but there are always plenty of projects to focus on.

I plan to continue working closely and collaboratively with my fellow councillors to progress a number of key infrastructure projects as part of an ambitious capital works program, including multiple facility upgrades, major park redevelopments, revitalisation of the City’s Town Centre and growth of our strategic employment and industrial area. 

COVID-19 has made life very challenging for many of our residents and business community, so I’m determined to ensure the City promotes business activity and helps stabilise our economy, while supporting those most in need.