City of Ryde removes manual processes with MAGIQ Performance*

Article image - City of Ryde removes manual processes with MAGIQ Performance* MAGIQ Performance allows City of Ryde to produce financial reports containing dynamic, real-time data.

Purpose-built for the Finance team, the MAGIQ Performance Suite provides an extensive range of budgeting, reporting and strategic planning capabilities to help public sector organisations track and optimise their organisational performance.

City of Ryde uses MAGIQ Performance to successfully develop the organisation’s budget as well as produce monthly reporting to impart insightful and pertinent data analytics. 

Approximately 70 staff at Council utilise MAGIQ Performance to assist with building and reviewing budgets with the ability to compile the quarterly budget and make adjustments where needed.

According to Council’s Chief Financial Officer, Pav Kuzmanovski, “MAGIQ Performance has enabled our finance team to perform analytics on different types of data sets to provide valuable information to the executive team. 

“It has allowed us to remove the onerous manual development of ad-hoc financial reports and provides consistent reporting outcomes that can be presented in various formats, including spreadsheets and word documents that contain dynamic, real-time data.

“MAGIQ Performance has enabled City of Ryde to develop our budgets in a transparent manner. 

“The reporting functionality allows the finance team to analyse the budget at any point in time and provides us with timely and meaningful information to fulfil our Integrated Planning and Reporting framework obligations.”   

Key business outcomes
“MAGIQ Performance is used to prepare Council’s budget and the Quarterly Budget Review. The software allows for a simple process for non-finance end users to enter their budgets (including adjustments) and have them reviewed by managers. The reporting also allows us to overview and track any changes made.”

Key features of the software
“A key feature of MAGIQ Performance is its ability to ‘slice and dice’ data into different layers and produce flexible reporting with ‘drop and drag’ functionality without having to write code or scripts to extract the data as an end user. 

“The design is intuitive, enabling users to be empowered while using the software.

“MAGIQ Performance has provided City of Ryde with a simple, efficient and effective financial and operational reporting tool that can be used across the entire organisation.”

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