Australian Plant Production Standard*

Article image - Australian Plant Production Standard* APPS programs reduce business risk.

The Australian Plant Production Standard (APPS) is the overarching framework binding the Australian nursery industry’s Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme, Australia (NIASA) Best Management Practice (BMP); EcoHort - Environmental and Natural Resource Management; and BioSecure HACCP – Plant Protection/Biosecurity programs into a cohesive interlocked support system for production nurseries, greenlife markets and growing media manufacturers.  

The APPS programs reduce business risk, improve product quality and meet both legal and social obligations in a world where traceability and responsibility is becoming a critical business element.    

Assurance programs are the only means of assessing quality standards that are designed to address customer satisfaction and provide evidence of activities.  

The APPS programs are, annually, independently audited by qualified auditors (SAI Global Lead Auditor Qualification) against comprehensive checklists that are traceable and verifiable when meeting due diligence criteria.

These audits help production nurseries stay on track and avoid the major pitfalls such as poor growing environments and root pathogen infestation, propagation hygiene, growing bed failures, occupational health and safety obligations, etc., impacting on their ability to supply the market and meet client quality expectations

The NIASA BMP Program has introduced a NIASA BMP Accreditation sub-program Landscape Tree Stock Specification, for production nurseries, which is intended to strengthen their ability to meet product delivery commitments.

This is achieved by providing a landscape tree that is true to type, healthy, fit for purpose and of a consistent standard that meets the
client’s expectations.

This identification mark acknowledges a production nursery’s compliance to the specification in order to meet an expected quality and business ethical standard.

*Copy supplied by Greenlife