Zero material shortages in Australia for civil and construction projects*

Australian authorities and government departments are claiming that material shortages for road and civil construction projects are a major concern and the only way to address this is to open more quarries which will increase environment concerns as well as disrupt the lives of surrounding residents. 

More quarries will also put more traffic on the road causing more damage to existing road networks requiring more resources to maintain those roads. 

The culture of digging up raw materials needs to be reviewed and a more sustainable way forward utilised.

Re-use of in situ materials and recycling in situ materials by blending and re-classifying with the use Of PolyCom Stabilising Aid will improve the usability and strength of previously unworkable materials and will allow large amounts of cut to spoil materials to be treated in place and re-used, on site via simple blade mixing with a grader or excavator.  

This method will save cost and generate savings compared to transporting material off site as well as reducing new material purchase and delivery to site.

PolyCom treated material can be left in Stockpiles for many months and used as required, there is no chemical reaction taking place so materials only ‘go off’ when compacted. Even then materials are re-workable at any time.

The way of the future is here and now with environment and OH&S compliant PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

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*Copy supplied by Earthco