Video story time with a difference

Article image - Video story time with a difference Cunnamulla Library gives new meaning to local story time.

In the time of COVID-19 none have suffered more than the small rural and remote outback communities.

In southwest Queensland, the Cunnamulla Library, in order to continue with some of the weekly routine and keep the community connected, came up with the idea of showcasing the many wonderful businesses and organisations within the Paroo Shire.

This was achieved by presenting a twice weekly video story session coinciding with the time they would normally run the Monday First5Forever program and Thursday After School Reading Club.

The library chose a book that related to the business or organisation being showcased, and had it read by a person who ran or worked in that business or organisation.

The local doctor ‘Dr Duck’, read QLD Health’s Birdie and the Virus (a children’s story about Coronavirus) etc.

The stories were recorded in the business/organisation’s place of work to add a touch more reality to the story, just as when a local farmer’s wife read Frankie’s little lamb on their farm, a real lamb was present during the story.

The stories have so far provided a fun way of storytelling, promoting local businesses and organisations within Cunnamulla and the Paroo Shire. In a very real and innovative way they promote reading, not to mention showcasing the friendly competition of seeing which business would receive the most views, likes etc.  

The Cunnamulla Library still has many more stories to come involving and promoting the Shire’s many wonderful organisations and businesses.

Providing fun for the whole family, local business story time can be found on the Paroo Shire Council Face Book page.