Tourists look to home

Article image - Tourists look to home Greg Grainger filming on Macquarie Island.

An increasing number of councils around Australia are commissioning multi-media campaigns to attract visitors, especially as COVID-19 travel restrictions are eased in most places. 

With travel overseas not possible at the moment, many Australians are turning their attention to Australian destinations, with savvy local council administrators beginning to heavily promote their region.

One well known television production company has been assisting in this regard.  

Grainger TV, led by veteran Australian TV producer/presenter Greg Grainger, has been working with a number of councils to produce video material that is used in multiple ways.   

“What we do is bring in our camera team for a week or so to generate stunning video images of all aspects of a local region.   

“That footage is then cut into vignettes for distribution on social media and for website promotion.”   

The footage is then re-cut into a story or entire episode of the Seven Network travel programme, TRAVEL OZ.   

Finally, the same footage is compiled as a B-roll for local and international TV Networks looking to feature the region.   

“There are big cost savings involved in this approach.

“One well-planned shoot results in footage being re-cut into everything from a TV programme to social media vignettes.”    

The TV show alone attracts viewers wanting to see great Aussie destinations.   

Travel Oz first screened on the ABC, with 150-plus episodes now featured across many of the Seven Network’s channels, with multiple repeats.   

Local councils interested can contact Greg Grainger on 0409 121 129 or