SafetySAM roadwork signs a safer alternative*

SafetySAM signage system (Stand Alone Marker as VicRoads and RMS know it) is a desirable alternative device for displaying standard AS1743 ‘Box Edge Plate’ and multi-message type roadwork signs. It is a unique product manufactured from a single piece high-impact heavy plastic substrate and does not require additional steel stand or supports.

The one-piece, all-in-one configuration means transport, storage and deployment are greatly simplified in weight, space, and ergonomics.

The device is designed for use in all roadwork applications on Australian roads. It is being particularly used in emergency and rapid deployment situations as well as longer termed work sites.

SafetySAM signs provide a benign form of user-friendly signage, safer for the user (strained backs/pinched fingers etc) while taking up far less storage space on vehicles and in stores. The innovative design enables the sign(s) to be self-supportive and is easily configured to be completely stable in the windiest of conditions.

Another innovative product from Tranex is the popular Barrow Light. A revolutionary product on the Australian market, an easy to use portable set of traffic lights mounted wheelbarrow style, it’s likely your shire is already using these handy lights or a neighbouring council close by is. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already purchased your set.

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*Copy supplied by TranEx Roads & Traffic