Planning and Investor Portal

Whitsunday Regional Council, Queensland, has launched a new online portal which displays crucial information for potential investors, developers, businesses and residents.

Three new online planning platforms contained within the portal will complement Council’s existing free online services and includes fact sheets, economic and population data, development application searches and online mapping to improve the community’s understanding of planning and simplify investment research.

The comprehensive mapping tools show details such as property overlays, zoning, history of development applications, flood impacts, climate impacts and
other useful links.

Mayor, Andrew Willcox, said the new online services would make a huge difference for developers and investors who were seeking information about the Whitsunday region.

“The portal was developed by data experts Precisely (formerly Pitney-Bowes Software and Data) and is available on Council’s website under the Online Planning Services page.

“The Investor Portal is an easy-to-use tool and covers three main areas: Planning reports, Flood reports and
the Investor Portal.

“It seeks to enhance understanding of the Planning Scheme, by informing how the scheme relates to a block of land, informing development potential and providing easy to use research tools which help identify suitable parcels of land for new development.

“The information on offer here will increase investor confidence and go a long way to encouraging responsible, sustainable development in the Whitsunday region.”

The portal was funded by the Queensland Government under the Innovation and
Improvement fund.