Partner with Proterra*

From humble beginnings back in 2008, Proterra Group have gone from strength to strength riding the highs and lows of the civil engineering market space. 

We have now worked with over 40 Australian councils, and with our new service offerings this number is rising rapidly as we expand into Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia.  It’s a really exciting time to be in local government.

Proterra Group have three distinct service offerings to our council customers across Australia all of which can be procured through Local Buy contracts.  These include:

  • civil engineering and project management
  • waste management consulting and operation of landfills and transfer stations and
  • asset data collection for stormwater, culverts and sewer manholes.

Proterra Group have been working with Local Buy and Local Government Procurement for over seven years now, and well over half of our revenue comes through these style of contracts. 

Proterra is listed on six separate contracts from Engineering and Design Services, to Asset Management and Civil Construction.  These Panels allow our customers to engage us directly without having to go through drawn out tender processes.  

Councils are able to partner with us to ensure we are delivering a service to their requirements, and we can continually review, assess and amend our services so Council gets the outcomes they want. The flexibility is amazing.

Using Local Buy and Local Government Procurement Contracts, Proterra Group have delivered a range of different projects which have included:

  • over $150 million in Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) flood restoration projects
  • provision of project managers and designers for civil and structural works
  • collection of stormwater, culvert and sewer manhole condition data
  • completed levee bank repairs and constructed waste transfer stations and
  • we’ve even managed a regional landfill.

So, for your next project why not give Proterra Group a call and see if we can help you deliver your projects innovatively, on-time and in budget.  


*Copy supplied by Proterra Group