Overcoming challenges to improve fleet management

Article image - Overcoming challenges to improve fleet management Brisbane City Council has installed new in-vehicle management system in 1700 assets.

Since Brisbane City Council introduced an In-Vehicle Management System (IVMS) technology in the field has advanced, providing enhanced features
and analytics.

The data now available can be used to deliver benefits such as increased employee safety and asset security, improved asset utilisation, maintenance and servicing, along with reduced fuel consumption and improved sustainability. 

By updating internal operations, Brisbane City Council will also improve customer responsiveness with increased visibility of assets enabling real time allocation of work to the nearest, most suitable asset, and technology that offers accurate records (including mapping) of works undertaken (for example, when a park was last mowed or which section of land was sprayed for weeds or pests).

Harnessing these advancements in IVMS technology, Council recently began the complex task of installing a new IVMS for over 1700 assets located across all divisions. 

With hundreds of makes and models, and many different equipment configurations requiring different combinations of hardware to be installed, the scheduling process was always going to be challenging. 

However, add to that the difficulty in accessing some assets (not all assets such as mowers, quadbikes, and earth works equipment at quarries are registered to drive on the road or can be easily moved) and with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic,
the task was amplified.

Amid an array of challenges, dedicated teams from Fleet Solutions and Information Services are working together to complete this significant task. 

The delivery phase is now well underway following the commencement of installations in June and more than 50 percent of assets are now installed with the new system. 

The project aims to have nearly all assets installed by the end of July 2020.