Innovative sustainable plant-mixed foam bitumen*

Hiway Stabilizers Australia (HSA) is pioneering the use of plant-mixed foam bitumen (PMTB) to be manufactured in quantities that provide flexibility and cost effectiveness and that meet the varying requirements of clients whilst losing nothing in quality or purpose. 

HSA produces PMFB to all Australian Standards and specifications.

Essentially, we set up our operation in a quarry (client specified or otherwise) and prepare the product as per specifications. 

HSA has pioneered the use of PMFB in a stockpile that can be utilised for a period up to 28 days or longer. 

The plant mix process provides the required high level of control around foam bitumen materials manufacture and the final product is then either stockpiled at the quarry for collection or delivered to a single, or multiple sites, which offers a better value proposition for clients that require varying tonnages throughout the month.

The outcome is a cost-effective solution for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of new or existing pavements. 

Plant-mixed foam bitumen stabilised base provides a structurally sound pavement that has proven to be resilient particularly in areas of regular flooding and inundation.

In recent years plant-mixed foamed bitumen has been successfully used for both new construction with new quarry materials and for rehabilitation projects using existing pavement materials which are sometimes blended with new materials. 

Hiway Stabilizers have substantial experience with an in house pavement design capability, who will work with you to optimise the pavement layers and approach to suit your budget and pavement performance requirements.

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*Copy supplied by Hiway Stabilizers Australia