Get the site right

Article image - Get the site right Erosion and Sediment Control Officer, Janine Koppel inspects construction sites for erosion.

A new campaign by Lake Macquarie Council, New South Wales, is aiming to reduce the 60,000 tonnes of material that end up in the Lake every year due to construction site erosion.

Council’s Acting Manager Development Assessment and Compliance, Elizabeth Lambert, said the Get the Site Right campaign is all about encouraging developers, builders and home renovators to implement appropriate erosion and sediment controls.

“Up to four truckloads of soil from an average domestic building site can be washed away in a single storm if not properly contained.”

She said builders and renovators needed to be aware their actions could have a significant impact on the health of waterways.

 “When sediments and other building materials are washed down stormwater drains and into our waterways it not only degrades water quality, but can destroy aquatic habitats. 

 “Get the Site Right is an important part of our ongoing strategy to manage the environmental impacts of construction. We want to help improve the health of the lake for the entire community and the benefit of the environment.”

The campaign will see Council’s Erosion and Sediment Control Officer, Janine Koppel inspecting sites citywide, with particular focus on construction hot-spots in Catherine Hill Bay, Cameron Park and Teralba.

“The campaign couldn’t come at a better time, with the increase in home renovation and DIY projects during COVID-19.

“Regardless of the project size, implementing proper erosion and sediment controls is key to protecting
our waterways.”