Fitness focus grows with in-house management

Article image - Fitness focus grows with  in-house management Group fitness class delivery at Wanangkura Stadium, South Hedland.

Town of Port Hedland, Western Australia, recently celebrated the one year anniversary of bringing the Port Hedland Leisure lifestyle and fitness brand under in house management, which had previously been delivered by a contractor. 

In-house management has allowed the Town to be more connected and responsive to the needs of residents.

Since bringing the facilities back to in-house management, membership numbers have increased by 35 percent and swim school enrolments have increased by 91 percent. 

Total entry to the stadium in twelve months surpassed 200,000, entry to the South Hedland Aquatic Centre topped 130,000 and entries to Gratwick Aquatic Centre 12,000.

Stats are great, but what’s behind the numbers? 

Strong growth is the result of passionate fitness leaders and staff delivering a high standard of service to the community, taking the time to build a supportive relationship with clients.

The brand is guided by the principles of Fitness for All and Fitness Family, recognising the facilities’ role as a core hub
of communal activity. 

Whether people are working out in the gyms, swimming at the pools or participating in a group fitness class, they know they’ll be in a supportive environment.

Port Hedland Leisure acted in line with other fitness brands to respond swiftly to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Classes shifted to online delivery, open and accessible to anyone on a digital device. 

Free health information was provided online, and group fitness trainers popped up as friendly faces in people’s news feeds. 

As restrictions eased, gym equipment was spaced out and members were required to wipe down all equipment.

Port Hedland Leisure is a case example for how local government authorities can successfully deliver fitness services, rivalling the adaptability and responsiveness of the private sector.