Fast tracked maintenance helps the road to recovery

Article image - Fast tracked maintenance helps the road to recovery Moreton Bay Regional Council has fast-tracked a $26 million road resurfacing program and a $4 million asset maintenance program.

Moreton Bay Regional Council, Queensland, has taken advantage of the slowdown caused by recent COVID-19 restrictions, using the quieter roads and empty public spaces to get work done. 

Asset maintenance teams have brought forward millions of dollars’ worth of works and are getting through their ‘to-do list’ quicker than ever.

Mayor, Peter Flannery said maintenance crews adapted quickly to start delivering programs well ahead of schedule.

“Council has fast-tracked a $26 million road resurfacing program for 2020/21 which will see almost 70 kms of roads resurfaced, with 141 projects already underway.

“By bringing forward works, we’re ensuring local businesses can keep staff on the tools, keep locals employed, and keep Moreton Bay families spending money in the community.

“In fact, two Narangba-based contractors are delivering these works for us.”

Suncoast Asphalt state manager, Ian Bredbury said Council’s fast-tracked program had been a huge boost for business confidence and cash flow.

“Council has given us certainty, helped investment keep coming in, and helped us avoid any further job reductions and redundancies.

“It doesn’t just help businesses like ourselves — it supports truck companies, lorry drivers, electricians, fitters, and other local suppliers that support our industry. That’s potentially hundreds of locals who are still employed and spending money in our community.”

Beyond roads, Council has also committed $4 million new funding for the 2020/21 financial year for a range of asset maintenance works, with $1 million already spent in 2019/20 working with local contractors to repair everything from beach showers to shade sails, railings and repaints.

“Council crews have been fast-tracking work while also implementing a range of social distancing processes, like staggering the start times of shifts, only carrying two crew in the cabin of vehicles where space allows it, and sanitising vehicles and equipment between use,” Mayor Flannery said.

“Maintenance isn’t the most glamorous work, but it’s essential to keep Moreton Bay locals employed and
our economy running.

“I want to thank our crews for being so quick to adapt and innovate, from improving internal processes to scoping and mapping projects, it’s an enormous
logistical effort.”