City centre to get a new urban stream

Article image - City centre to get a new urban stream Lake Street urban stream concept image

City of Canning, Western Australia, has awarded LD Total with the landscape architecture contract to convert a drain on Lake Street in Cannington into a new public open space – Lake Street Urban Stream.

As part of the Canning City Centre Regeneration Program – a $76 million, 10 year project to create Perth’s southern central business district – the existing Water Corporation drain will be developed into a waterway that mimics a natural stream to remove pollutants from stormwater.

Mayor, Patrick Hall, said Lake Street Urban Stream will also be a key entry point into Canning’s City Centre and be a new pedestrian link from Lake Street to Cecil Avenue.

“Lake Street Urban Stream will have smart irrigation and lighting, continuing our smart city vision and increased use of technology which can be seen in the nearby Wharf Street Basin project and the recently completed upgrade to Cecil Avenue.

“When finished in early 2021, it will be another green space in the Canning City Centre, a place where people can relax and reflect, and where flora and fauna can thrive right here in the middle of

Works also include the planting of native trees, plants, shrubs and ground cover and the installation of public seating.

Lake Street Urban Stream is the third project within the Canning City Centre, which has the capacity to be home to potentially 25,000 people.

Construction on Lake Street Urban Stream is due to start in December 2020.