Bold emission and water use targets

Article image - Bold emission and water use targets Lane Cove Aquatic Centre

Lane Cove Council, New South Wales, recently adopted ambitious targets to reduce energy emissions and water use, both within Council operations, and across the residential and business sectors. 

The targets are to:

  • achieve an 80 percent reduction in emissions by 2036 based on 2016/17 levels, and
  • achieve no net increase in water use by 2036 based on 2016/17 levels.

Mayor, Pam Palmer, said, “With Council contributing just two percent of emissions across the Local Government Area (LGA), collaborating with residents and businesses to drive down emissions will be crucial to achieving these targets.”

Initiatives include identifying opportunities for recycled water use; transitioning plant equipment from diesel to battery operated; and implementing a shared waste contract for Council’s newest community development. 

Mayor Palmer said the targets are achievable and in line with community expectations. 

“Council has made outstanding progress with its sustainability program over the last 10 years and setting ambitious energy emissions and water use targets reflects our commitment to achieving long-term sustainability.”

The targets were announced after Lane Cove Council became the 50th Australian Council to declare a Climate Emergency in September 2019. 

Council agreed to declare its readiness to assist the State Government’s objective of net-zero emissions by 2050 and support policies and programs by the Government that reduce carbon emissions and assist with adapting to climate change in the state.

A progressive target for 2024 will keep Council on track by including achievable short, medium and long-term goals. 

The emissions mitigated in the short and medium term will have a lasting impact on the rate of energy and water consumption and Council’s contribution to climate
resilience and sustainability.