An economical and environmental solution for erosion issues*

Article image - An economical and environmental solution for erosion issues* A long term environmental solution delivered with Swale drain upgrades using Australian Concrete Mats at Kagaru.

Australian Concrete Mats offer an excellent economical and environmental solution for erosion protection, prevention and soil stabilisation projects, especially good for roadside swale drains and as an efficient alterative to rip rap.

Engineered to slow and capture runoff, the mats spread the flow horizontally across the landscape (along an elevation contour line), facilitating runoff infiltration into the soil. This in turn helps prevent flooding, puddling, and erosion and avoids overwhelming the storm drainage system.

The concrete mats are rolled for ease of handling, with no specialized equipment or tools required, offering cost-effective installation, plus they can be easily maintained and mowed when the vegetation has been completely established, offering considerable long-term benefits to the environment.

Once laid they start working straight away

Late 2019, the flexible concrete mat was chosen by Scenic Rim Regional Council, Queensland, for lining roadside swale drains during infrastructure improvements at Kagaru. 

The innovative features and benefits of the mat made it an easy decision.

Road edges on this project were designed with no curbs or gutters, roadside drains were broad and shallow and would be vegetated with grass that would grow through the permeable concrete and polyester geogrid mats.

Australian Concrete Mats (ACM) permeable mat performed as well as expected, providing a permanent solution that quickly grew green and lush. 

Within eight weeks of installation vegetation was well established with growth encouraged by good rains and an underlay Nutrition Geomat. 

The fast plant establishment achieved on this project, combined with a longer than average life expectancy of the mats, will contribute to the long term environmental solution delivered at Kagaru. 

Scenic Rim Regional Council’s Swale Drain upgrade is another example of the environmentally friendly, efficient and economical outcomes achieved by using Australian Concrete Mats’ innovative erosion control products.

Mats are made to order for site specifications and project requirements. 

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*Copy supplied by ACM