Waterwise gold rating

Article image - Waterwise gold rating Shire President Cr Michelle Rich celebrates the Shire’s 2020 Gold Waterwise Council rating with Landcare SJ Executive Officer, Francis Smit, Director Infrastructure Services, Steve Harding and Environmental and Biodiversity Officer, Dr Penny Hollick.

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Western Australia, has been recognised as a 2020 Gold Waterwise Council for its commitment to water conservation and supporting water wise communities.

The Shire was recognised for its leadership in sustainable water management through the Waterwise Council Program, a joint initiative between the Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Shire President, Michelle Rich said the gold status was recognition of the fantastic work by Shire staff over many years to improve water management practices.

“To be recognised as a Gold Waterwise Council highlights just how much work we have undertaken in delivering best practice in the environmental and water management space.

“Water conservation and efficiency has always been a key priority of our Shire and something we are always striving to be at the forefront of.

“It is important that we continue to set a good example for our community, as we all play an important role in creating a more water wise and sustainable community.”

As a Gold Waterwise Council, the Shire has met five mandatory actions and completed 10 key activities in the past 12 months set out by the Waterwise Council Program.

As part of the mandatory actions, the Shire has demonstrated waterwise verge best practice, implemented proactive engagement with local schools and developers to encourage participation in the Waterwise Program and is working towards creating a cross functional Water Management Team.

Other actions completed by the Shire over the past year include drainage initiatives to Abernethy Road and Briggs Park, execution of the Shire’s Significant Tree Register, Free Verge Plant Program and Free Street Tree Program, development of an Integrated Water Management Strategy and implementation of the Urban and Rural Forest Strategy and Byford District Water Management Strategy.