Staff embrace redeployment opportunities

Article image - Staff embrace redeployment opportunities Candice Muzevic is broadening her horizons during her redeployment.

Wollondilly Council staff whose roles have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 social distancing measures have been given the opportunity to support other critical service areas and to try something new through redeployment.

Council’s Community Outreach worker Candice Muzevic usually drives the Dilly Wanderer, providing activities for families with small children in a number of locations and connecting with people in towns and villages across the Shire.

Unable to carry out her usual routine due to the restrictions, Ms Muzevic was keen to help out some of the other teams managing heavy workloads due to COVID-19.

After putting up her hand for redeployment, she found herself carrying out gardening and maintenance duties at Picton Botanic Gardens and at the Community Nursery.

“I’ve been doing some physical work and getting my hands dirty in the gardens, which I’ve really enjoyed.

“It’s been great to learn more about the work done by other sections of Council that I’m not usually involved in and gain an appreciation for the hard work they do.”

Mayor, Matthew Deeth, said, “It is encouraging to hear about the great work being done by some of the staff from the library and other areas who are assisting with the heavy workloads in teams such as finance, works and environment.

“This has been a fantastic opportunity to learn some new skills, and do something a bit different. It demonstrates how our staff have really come together during this difficult time to support the organisation and the community.”