Safe, permeable and efficient erosion control mats*

Article image - Safe, permeable and efficient erosion control mats* Vegetation helps anchor the mat in place.

Australian Concrete Mats (ACM) is the quick and easy, cost-efficient, sustainable solution for severe and minor erosion issues on small to large scale projects.

Engineered as an effective alternative to inefficient erosion control and soil containment methods like rip rap or gabion mattresses. The flexible erosion control mat makes stabilising slopes and protecting waterways easy.

The erosion control mat has concrete shapes embedded into polypropylene geogrid, so vegetation can grow through the mat.

The vegetation growth helps anchor the mat to the soil, while also offering filtration of fine silt particles from entering the waterways.

The mat is flexible and can be cut so it can be laid around trees, or existing structures such as fences, pipes or culverts.

Concrete mats are supplied in rolls, that are easy to handle and quick to install, using standard equipment usually already onsite.

Once laid down they start working right away, with sound and sustainable long term benefits!

It’s easy to maintain the site because vehicles can drive over the hard stand surface of the mat and they can be mowed over it with a tractor slasher or mower.

This innovative mat offers permanent stabilisation for water edges, dams, creeks and low water access areas, water channels and gullies and anywhere that ground stabilisation is required, or erosion could present an issue in the landscape.

The mat offers a very cost efficient and simple method for permeable erosion control and ground stabilisation for all types of environmental management, plus it’s a very easy to maintain into the future.

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*Copy supplied by Australian Concrete Mats