Planning for future open spaces

The small Tasmanian town of Perth, located in Northern Midlands just 20 km south of Launceston, is set to take off.

The current population of around 3000 residents is predicted to almost double in the next few years with the recent completion of the Tasmanian Government’s Midland Highway bypass, making a steady increase in land for development available.

Northern Midlands Council, with great foresight, last year purchased a block of land on Norfolk Street, West Park, to ensure adequate public open space was preserved for current and future generations.

Council identified the benefits and attraction of providing public open space to residents and visitors. Public open space is a vital asset for every community and is often very sought after.

By identifying suitable locations Council has been able to acquire land for future development of parks and gardens, further ensuring residents have access to public open space in their communities allowing for passive recreation and connectivity throughout the township of Perth.