Minimum recycled content needed for export ban success*

Article image - Minimum recycled content needed for export ban success*

As the federal and state governments move towards a welcome ban on the export of waste tyres, including whole baled tyres, the opportunities for industry to work together with governments and the community to increase the domestic use of recycled tyre products is huge.

Tyrecycle is Australia’s largest tyre recycler, collecting and processing around 20 million tyres per annum.

The company turns end-of-life tyres into recycled products including tyre-derived fuel and road aggregates and it’s the latter that presents the greatest opportunity for market growth.

Tyrecycle Chief Executive Officer, Jim Fairweather, said, “Australia currently has enough capacity to process every end-of-life tyre domestically.  

“We just need a continued commitment to the development of domestic markets, most importantly through government procurement.

“This would address the action of unscrupulous operators and divert tyres away from unsightly and unsafe stockpiles and avoid the export of whole-baled tyres, which causes huge risks to human health and the environment.”

However, Fairweather said the success of the forthcoming
ban on the export of waste tyres is reliant upon the support of governments in setting tender specifications with minimum recycling content as part of their ongoing procurement policies.

“Providing greater certainty in local domestic markets for end uses will encourage local investment in processing facilities and ultimately jobs.

“Rubber crumb has already proven its worth in road building, providing quieter, more durable roads, with better traction and drainage.  

“What we need to be talking about is the significant role it can play in building a sustainable future and supporting a circular economy.”

Fairweather said he is encouraged by the range of current trials and projects across state and local government jurisdictions aimed at increasing the use of tyre derived products in the repair and maintenance of Australian roads.

“It’s headed in the right direction – we just need to keep things moving to drive certainty and investment.”

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