Microgrid for the Daintree gains support

Article image - Microgrid for the Daintree gains support Clean, reliable energy from the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation.

A microgrid using solar power and hydrogen technology to provide clean and reliable energy north of the Daintree River has received support from the Douglas Shire Council, Queensland.

Council has given its support to the Federal Government’s Daintree Microgrid project, acknowledging the need for reliable and clean energy for residents and businesses in the World Heritage-listed rainforest.

There is currently no mains power grid north of the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation, with the exception of a few locations directly across from Daintree Village.

Businesses and residents are responsible for their own energy needs and many use outdated, unreliable and polluting diesel generators
Douglas Shire Mayor, Michael Kerr, said Council support sent an important signal to ratepayers and the energy market.

“The Federal Government solution will provide an essential service which businesses and residents have a right to.

“The proposed microgrid will be positive for the environment as energy users move away from older polluting technologies.

“Businesses will also become more competitive through the access to reliable energy at an affordable price.”