Electric car network reaches West Coast

Article image - Electric car network reaches West Coast Queenstown joins Tasmania’s electric car network.

Preparations are underway to revitalise a new and changed visitor economy on Tasmania’s West Coast in the wake of COVID-19.

Through the Electric Vehicle ChargeSmart Grants program from the Government’s Tasmanian Climate Change Office, Electric Highway Tasmania was awarded a grant to install a fast charger in Queenstown.

Design work is now completed, and West Coast Council has signed an agreement to install the charger in the Railway Reserve Carpark, Queenstown.

The charging station will form a part of a statewide network allowing drivers of electric vehicles to explore the State, including the West Coast.

The expected completion date for the installation of the charging station is late June, subject to weather.

West Coast Council General Manager, David Midson, said, “It is great to see a private company, such as Electric Highway Tasmania, using grant programs to bring new infrastructure to the West Coast.

“This charging station will form a critical link in a network that ensures we will be accessible to those who choose to tour in an electric vehicle.”

Electric Highway Tasmania Managing Director, Clive Attwater, said, “I would like to thank the West Coast Council and staff for their positive and helpful approach to making the project a success. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership at this site.”

West Coast Council looks forward to continuing to work with Electric Highway Tasmania to keep the region connected to the statewide charging network, and to keep their doors open to users of electric vehicles.