Doorstep delivery is out of the box

Article image - Doorstep delivery is out of the box Scenic Rim Farm Box is a reinterpretation of the region’s Eat Local Week.

Scenic Rim Regional Council, Queensland, has taken an out of the box approach to meeting the social and economic impacts of COVID-19, partnering with local producers to enable the launch of a ‘farm to you’ delivery service, Scenic Rim Farm Box.

The new initiative is delivering the Scenic Rim’s finest seasonal produce, products, and locally produced wine and beer to customers across south-east Queensland to satisfy the appetite for quality food and beverages and soften the impact on agri business of the cancellation of the region’s premier event held in June, Scenic Rim Eat Local Week, which featured the Winter Harvest Festival.

Scenic Rim Mayor, Greg Christensen, said Council had committed to work with the region’s agricultural sector to develop a broader ‘Scenic Rim Providore’ sales, logistics and delivery solution to open up growth opportunities.

“While sadly we cannot have Scenic Rim Eat Local Week in its usual format this year, we can have a virtual Eat Local Week via Scenic Rim Farm Box.”

Geographically, the entire region is represented and Scenic Rim Farm Box purchasers are able to order online, making their own choices from an array of local vegetables, dairy products (cow, sheep, goat and camel), herbs, limes, edible flowers, honey, coffee, nuts, condiments, beef, pork, bacon, smallgoods, chicken, eggs, bread, ice cream, wine, beer, cider and liqueurs, provided by more than 30 local suppliers.

The new initiative has been extremely well supported and more than 1,100 boxes have been despatched in just three weeks to very enthusiastic customers.

Other economic benefits are also flowing to the region, with local businesses benefiting through contracts to make the distinctive wooden boxes or the purchases of goods and equipment, and new jobs being created in warehousing, despatch and delivery.