Working from home during COVID-19

Article image - Working from home during COVID-19 Hats are mandatory at Wednesday’s virtual staff meetings.

City of Armadale, Western Australia, expedited the rollout of the Microsoft Office365 suite of products within two weeks due to the increased urgency of staff being required to work from home.

Following State and Federal directives during COVID-19, the City implemented working from home for all staff that could do so, whilst staff members in critical service roles remained in the office to provide essential services.

The information technology (IT) team worked tirelessly to make Office365 available to all staff, on any device, anywhere, to ensure business would continue as usual.

The Microsoft Teams application enabled staff members to communicate and collaborate with their immediate colleagues
while working remotely, proving to be a great tool for staying in touch while working together and sharing information via a common space.

Quick Reference Guides were available and links to the Microsoft Learning Playlists with online video tutorials enabled novices to rapidly gain proficiency in all applications.

Mayor, Ruth Butterfield, said the transition of staff working from home was a smooth process, mainly due to the availability of Office365 applications and the IT support that was available.

“Its great features such as document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat, online calls and virtual meetings (video or voice-only), and screen sharing proved to be a vital and reliable tool to keep everyone connected while working remotely.

“IT is continuing to work behind the scenes to complete and polish the overall rollout.

“The feedback received from staff was very positive with mention that they found great value in using Office365 and its great range of applications whilst working from home.”