Traineeships in non-traditional work areas

Article image - Traineeships in non-traditional work areas Council is not the usual place to find a traineeship in sound production.

Shire of Esperance is providing traineeships in non-traditional work areas to locals and current employees.

The traineeships are aimed at assisting potential and current employees in entering the workforce and/or to create career pathways.

Esperance is a remote regional centre located in the south east of Western Australia with the closest significantly sized community being over 400 km away.

Due to the small size and remoteness of the town, it is at times difficult to attract potential employees to relocate.

The Shire of Esperance endeavours to offer workplace traineeships wherever possible and currently has five trainees in non-traditional trainee occupations.

These occupations include surveying, civil construction design, aquatics, community recreation, and the music industry (sound production).

Accessing the technical skills required for these positions is difficult in remote locations such as Esperance and by offering traineeships, the Shire is increasing the pool of people with these skills within the community.

A former surveying trainee was recently appointed as the Shire’s qualified Engineering Surveyor and is now sharing his knowledge and skills with the current trainee.

This is a perfect example of a career path that can be achieved by completing a traineeship.

Traineeships provide an opportunity to learn skills at work at the same time as undertaking formal training through a registered
training provider.