Restocking the rivers

Article image - Restocking the rivers Narromine Shire Council Mayor, Craig Davies releases the fingerlings into the Macquarie River.

Around 12,000 Golden Perch fingerlings were released into the Macquarie River in Narromine in early April to help restore the region’s native fish population in natural waterways.

The release is part of a ‘dollar for dollar native fish stocking’ program between Narromine Shire Council, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Recreational Fishing Trust, and the Macquarie Cotton Growers Association.

Narromine Shire Council’s General Manager, Jane Redden, said, “Council has participated in the program for over twenty years with an estimated 160,0000 – 200,000 fingerlings being released during this time.

“It is estimated that it takes around three – four years for the fingerlings to reach maturity.

“Regular stocking of the Macquarie River plays a vital role in maintaining a balanced river ecosystem.

“Usually, Murray Cod fingerlings are also released however this year they were not available for release.”

The program aims to:

  • enhance recreational freshwater fishing opportunities
  • support local communities in the stocking of high value native fish species
  • assist in the development of regional aquaculture industries and
  • increase community and industry involvement in, and awareness of responsible stocking.

Fish stocking is recognised for its importance to the community in terms of providing quality recreational fishing, conservation outcomes and employment opportunities as well as assisting in reversing the impacts of introduced species to the natural waterways.