Purple-lidded glass bins arrive

Article image - Purple-lidded glass  bins arrive Macarthur Menís Shed members pictured with Moyne Shire Mayor Daniel Meade, will help distribute the new bins.

Moyne Shire Council, Victoria, has partnered with local community groups to deliver the new purple- lidded glass only bins.

Council has introduced a fourth kerbside bin to separate glass to address ongoing issues in the processing of recyclable materials.

Mayor, Daniel Meade, said a number of local community groups from across the shire are working with Council to deliver the new purple-lidded glass only bins.

“All residents who currently have a kerbside waste collection service will receive a purple-lidded bins in the coming weeks.

“The community groups helping to deliver the bins will receive $5 for each bin delivered, making it a great fundraising activity for them during the holiday period.”

The purple-lidded glass only bins will be emptied every four weeks, yellow-lidded recycling and green-lidded FOGO bins will continue to be collected every two weeks, while red-lidded landfill bin remains a weekly collection.

“A new waste collection guide will also be delivered to assist residents with separating their waste.

“Glass is considered a contaminant as it breaks and cannot be separated from other recyclables. By separating it into a glass only bin all materials become easier and more economical to process.

“Once separated, the glass will be crushed at a local recycling depot and used as a substitute for sand in road base.

“Until the purple-lidded glass only bin is delivered, glass goes in the red-lidded landfill bin or can be taken to your nearest Moyne Shire waste facility.

“This change to our kerbside collection service is not just better for the environment, it’s better economic management of our waste – it’s Better4Moyne.”