Aerodromes given wings

Article image - Aerodromes given wings Upgrades to the local aerodrome target commercial and recreational users.

The aviation industry on the Queensland Southern Downs is set to soar after the Southern Downs Regional Council recently endorsed recommendations from the Southern Downs Aerodromes Industrial Development Projects Reports.

The reports, compiled by specialist airport consultants, propose strategies designed to improve services and infrastructure to attract aviation businesses to the Warwick and Stanthorpe Aerodromes.

Southern Downs Chief Executive Officer, David Keenan, welcomed the reports’ recommendations and said Council was committed to supporting, growing and attracting industry to the region.

“The aviation industry on the Southern Downs represents a previously untapped opportunity with the potential to reach new heights.

“The recent reports funded by the Queensland Government build a strong case to explore how we can attract aviation businesses to the region’s aerodromes.

“We will always go out of our way to open the door to invite and attract industry and investment to our region.”

The project included a feasibility study, service needs assessment and demand analysis to inform Council about future investment decisions relating to the development of the Warwick and Stanthorpe Aerodromes.

Recommendations for the Warwick Aerodrome included an updated masterplan, improved terminal access and amenities, new aircraft movement monitoring system and suggestions for water infrastructure.

The report for the Stanthorpe Aerodrome recommended a marketing plan to target commercial and recreational aviation users.

This project was funded by the Queensland Government’s Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program.