Updated local government platform even better*

The new CouncilWise suite of superior software for local government about to be released will offer even greater efficiencies and cost savings for councils.

CouncilWise is a modern, efficient and cost-effective suite of software covering the full range of local government operations, from rating and property, finance, administration and even animal control.

It is being used increasingly by councils and local government authorities around Australia and in the South Pacific.

CouncilWise Chief Executive Officer, Ron Sanderson, said the platform was cloud-based and provided at a significantly lower cost than any other local government system.

“Built in the Microsoft Office and Azure environment and featuring the Xero finance system, it is simple to install, use and update.

“Our tried and proven property and rating system PropertyWise has been redeveloped into a modern browser-based experience and will soon be relaunched as CouncilWise Property and Rating.

“It will be faster than ever, easier to navigate and contain a range of new features.

“Fast access to property-related information is a must for local government rates officers and administrative staff and with the all-new CouncilWise product, staff will have ready access to all applications, animal control measures and permits associated with a property.

“Councils are also employing CouncilWise for property management, permits, licences, planning and building applications, indeed, the full gamut of local government operations.”

Sanderson said the addition of the Xero finance management system had added a new dimension to the CouncilWise package.

“Xero can be implemented quickly, it provides all the functionality local government demands, and is integrated closely with our Office 365-based product suite.

“It is fast, modern, agile, effective and brings massive savings for councils, on average costing just $150 per month.

“CouncilWise offers best-of-breed products in an integrated solution, specially tailored for local government, at the best prices available.”
Contact Ben Dornier at CouncilWise now, telephone 0468 994 665, or email: [email protected]
*Copy supplied by Bright