Solar lights installed at visitor centre

Article image - Solar lights installed at  visitor centre Environmentally friendly solar lights enhance the Broome visitor centre.

The Shire of Broome, Western Australia, has reiterated its commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions with the rollout of solar lights in the Broome Visitor Centre carpark.

With the help of local contractor Able Electrical, 18 SunStay all-in-one solar lights have been installed at the popular tourism facility.

The lights offer a ‘green’ and smart solar lighting solution, with high luminous efficacy.

The integrated units also have a built-in motion sensor, meaning the lights react to human presence.

A long-life Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery ensures hassle-free operation.

Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey said it was an innovative and smart initiative.

“The solar lights at the Broome Visitor Centre carpark are an intelligent and eco-friendly solution, but will also save ratepayer funds over time.

“This is just another example of our forward-thinking Council looking to make improvements around the Shire for the benefit of all.”