Making quality leaders

New and emerging leaders are being given practical as well as theoretical leadership training at the City of Wanneroo, Western Australia.

The City of Wanneroo, like its counterparts across the country, has for some time worked on improving the knowledge and skills of its leaders at all levels and has provided theoretical courses on operational leadership and leading teams.

Recently, however, it began supplementing the theory with an interactive session run by People and Culture to allow leaders to better understand how the theory they’ve already learned applies at the City. 

Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Simms, said, “It allows leaders to share their experiences and daily challenges in a safe and supportive environment and gives them an understanding of what can be done and when.”

The session covers a wide range of topics including:

  • resolving disputes between employees
  • performance management
  • sharing effective feedback
  • leave management
  • flexitime and flexible working arrangements
  • social media and the changing world and 
  • dealing with concerns for a team member’s fitness for work. 

The course also uses discussion of current case law and Fair Work decisions examples, including how these cases and decisions impact on the way leaders are expected to operate and lead their teams. 

The initiative has the added benefit of allowing leaders to connect with their People and Culture business partners and become familiar with what they can expect when they approach them for help.

Simms has noticed a confidence boost in many leaders who have attended the interactive session.  

“We’re seeing leaders supporting each other more and having more confidence in developing solutions without relying on HR support for day-to-day issues, so it’s been really positive for the City.”