Making it easy to do business

Article image - Making it easy to do business Member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts, 2 Doors Down owner Elie Youssef and Hunters Hill Mayor Mark Bennett.

Hunter’s Hill Council, in partnership with Service New South Wales, is making it easier for small business owners to start, run or grow a small business.

The Easy to do Business program is a free service, which includes a digital platform and a personalised Business Concierge phone service to support existing and aspiring business owners.

It aims to reduce red tape, make it easier to navigate government processes and potentially reduce the time it takes to start a new business from about 18 months to three months.

Assistance is available for all small business owners, with specialised support available for café, restaurant and small bar owners, as well as tradespeople and builders. 

Easy to do Business provides step-by-step industry-specific information and how-to guides on matters such as council development application approvals, applying for outdoor dining and liquor licensing and understanding work, health and safety requirements.

Mayor, Mark Bennett, said Hunter’s Hill Council was working alongside Service New South Wales to make it easier for businesses that are starting out, changing or growing. 

“The Easy to do Business program removes barriers and red tape for businesses, making it easy to access information and get started.

“The program has been shown to reduce the time it takes to start a new business from 18 months to just three months.”

Gladesville café and restaurant 2 Doors Down is the first Hunters Hill business to sign up.

Owner Elie Youssef is using the Easy to do Business program to set up outdoor dining.

He said it was great for small business.

“It will help us have more seating and I think people will enjoy being outdoors,” Mr Youssef said.