Lukeís Place Playground has new braille sign

Article image - Lukeís Place Playground has new braille sign A new braille sign at Lukeís Place playground makes it easier to navigate for blind children and those with low vision. Photo courtesy Wollongong City Council.

Wollongong City Council, New South Wales, has installed a new braille sign to help children and carers who are blind or have low vision enjoy the playground at Luke’s Place, Corrimal.

Luke’s Place now includes a braille map of the internal space and equipment for carers and children. 

The signage provides opportunities for all children to interact with the braille to learn more about how some children and adults read in this way.

Council worked closely with Vision Australia in Wollongong to create a map that would enable the children and carers to more easily navigate the playground and find equipment to play on.

Lord Mayor, Gordon Bradbery AM, said this was an exciting development as it allows children with low vision or who may be blind to enjoy the playground and the full range of equipment.

“We’ve not heard of another children’s playground where you have a sign that helps children who are blind or have low vision. 

“Council’s staff in Community Development worked closely with Vision Australia and a specific sign maker in Taree on this project.”

Luke’s Place is a specially designed playground where children of all abilities can play.

Council designed the playground with the help of local children and community members. It is named in honour of Luke Rapley, from Corrimal.

The playground features the region’s first carousel that can be used by children of all abilities. It also offers colour-coded, textured sections for children with low vision, areas where deaf children or children with limited hearing can interact with noise and vibration as well as active and quiet zones.