Integrated services improve customer experience

Article image - Integrated services improve  customer experience Customer service drives advances in communication technology at City of Penrith.

City of Penrith, New South Wales, is proactively preparing for significant growth by integrating cloud technologies to transform its business processes.

Using Dynamics 365 as its platform to streamline customer interactions Council will ensure better operational efficiencies and scalability as the city grows.  

A customer-centric approach is at the heart of Council’s vision for the future, to service residents with accurate, timely and pro-active communications and responses. 

This approach was galvanized by Council’s ‘Our Customer Promise’ initiative, implemented across the whole organisation. 

This promise puts the customer first to drive the organisation’s decision making, steers the prioritisation of projects, and coaches staff on how to be proactive, keep it simple, be respectful, and listen and respond to the customer’s needs.

Through a collaboration of the Information and Communications Technology, City Presentation, Waste and Customer Experience Teams, Penrith deployed Dynamics 365, to support interactions with customers regarding their waste management services. 

Previously customers with a query – a collection had been missed; a bin had been damaged – needed to call Council’s waste service provider. In a typical year as many as 80,000 calls would be received. 

When Council recently renewed its waste services contract, it wanted those tens of thousands of requests to be made via Council’s own Customer Experience centre.

By integrating Dynamics 365 with the waste contractor’s own computer system, customers can now raise requests through the Customer Experience centre or on the new Penrith Council portal - My.Penrith.City, and have that directly communicated to the waste contractor’s system for action.

City of Penrith is the first Council in New South Wales to have this level of integration and sophistication with their waste provider.

The next Dynamics 365 project to ‘go-live’ will support the field services crews with mobile access to data and information systems supporting crews working on community services such as tackling graffiti, fallen trees, and maintenance of fencing, buildings, parks and roads.  

Regular maintenance data from the assets system will be integrated for scheduling and work order management along with requests coming directly from customers either via the portal or the Customer Experience team.  

The entire process is online and when the request is from a customer they will be advised when the job is complete, even with a photo attached of the finished job.